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My name is Jennifer. I live in Kansas with my amazing and gentle husband, and our 4 children.
I am a artist, at least in my soul I am. I used to create something daily, and somewhere along the way, forgot how. That is why I am here, to connect with and feed my flame with the other creators of the world. My personal challenge is to create DAILY once again, and to feel it breaking free from the flesh that holds it in. I am bound and determined to find what I have lost. My family has always backed me in my passion and constantly believed in me, now it is time I give that to myself from myself. Here is the beginning.


Mothering, loving, creating, Photography, wood engravings, textiles, jazz music, raindrops on the sidewalk, wind chimes, ice in my drinks, my children's laughter, circles, hands, the sound of the ocean, thunderstorms, trees, coffee, a good book and a comfy blanket, stitches, wood, sushi, trains, crickets on a hot summer night, dancing with my children, reading, laughing, whispers on my neck, textured fabric, rocks, smell of baby lotion, taste of sweetness, journals, snail-mail, poems, books, loving and living.